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The Human Brain Is Very Capable Of Automatically Manufacturing The Quantity Of Chemicals
It Needs IF It Is Given The Raw Materials (Nutrients From Foods) To Do So!

Natural Product For Dopamine Production!

Doctor Recommended, Brain Nutrition Available! Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics And Rehab Centers!

Natural Product
For Dopamine!

DOPAMINE: Feelings of bliss and pleasure, euphoric, appetite control, controlled motor movements, feel focused.

LOW DOPAMINE: Anhedonia, no pleasure, your world looks colorless, inability to "love", no remorse about personal behavior

There Are 5 Main Chemicals Or Neurotransmitters
In Our Brains Emotion Center . . .


Every thought, every feeling, every action that we, as humans, experience requires the interaction of these chemicals.

Neurotransmitters work with receptors in our brains to produce these thoughts, feelings and actions.

Any type of Stress causes the OPIOID levels to diminish. This creates a sense of urgency in an individual. A person also becomes irritable, easily angered, easily losing their temper. Many people find relief from these feelings from an artificial opioid that is released by Alcohol or other drugs.

Low OPIOID levels automatically causes an increase in DOPAMINE release. This causes a feeling of alertness and anxiety. Continued Dopamine release causes emotional fatigue.

This increase in dopamine levels and a decrease in GABA levels produces a combination of alertness and anxiety. The so called adrenaline rush is in large part the feeling of exhilaration caused by the dopamine release.

When Dopamine is released, it is exactly the same chemical response as that following a small cocaine use. (The greatest natural Dopamine release happens at the moment of sexual climax.)

The lowering of the opioids causes an increase in dopamine levels and a decrease in GABA levels. This produces a combination of alertness and anxiety. [The so called adrenaline rush is in large part the feeling of exhilaration caused by the dopamine release.

Continual extra dopamine release causes emotional fatigue which can become debilitating. It can also lead to anhedonia, in which case, he or she can no longer enjoy beauty, music, or even love, in the extreme case.

Continuous anxiety from GABA reduction can lead to depression and feelings of inadequacy.

When this occurs, feelings of anxiety, insecurity and unexplained panic are felt. The most obvious feeling is deep Depression.

The human brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs IF it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so.

In handling stress the brain uses large quantities of certain chemicals called NEUROTRANSMITTERS. (Neurotransmitters induce or inhibit impulses in your brain.) At some point, the amount of stress we endure causes the brain to run out of these chemicals.

When our brain runs out of these chemicals or when different chemical levels decrease or increase, we experience things like anger, lack of sleep, irritability, anxiety, depression, insecure feelings and fear, not to mention the constant release of ADRENALINE which causes high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and dozens of other problems.

Over 75% of all medical appointments made in America are directly related to Stress caused illnesses.

The human brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs IF it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so.

However, because of the number of stressful situations we are daily faced with, because of the world we live in, a normal diet does not supply enough of the raw materials the brain needs to manufacture enough of these chemicals, or Neurotransmitters, that the brain NEEDS and MUST HAVE to function normally.

Decades of university research have been required to find the means by which the "stress cycle" is kept from repeating over and over. If this cycle were not brought under control grave illness would obviously occur as is does when we are under unrelenting stress.

As early as 1928, Dr. Hans Selye's research showed that when stress is long term in nature, the "stress management chemicals" (as he called them), which enable the body to maintain control, are depleted. Ultimately, the correction can no longer be made.

Selye showed that once these chemicals are totally depleted, the subject dies!

The last 20 years of research by many notable scientists such as Dr. Gerald Kozlowski, Dr. Terry Neher, and Dr. M. L. Barbaccia found that the stored metabolites can be replaced from normal diet, but only very slowly.

They further found that the slowness was not due to a "lack of production facility" but rather a "lack of raw materials". While the quantities required vary from one individual to another, getting these additional nutrients from food is generally difficult.

With the amount of Modern Stress our bodies face every single day, we would have to consume approximately:

Sixteen pounds of fish, Two gallons of whole milk, Two to three pounds of cheese, One to two pounds of turkey, EACH AND EVERY STRESS FILLED DAY, just to keep our Neurotransmitter levels normal . . .

Or, we could accomplish the same thing by taking 3 Neu-BeCALM'd TM capsules! (Recommended dosages are anywhere from 1-6 capsules each day.)

How Does Neu-BeCALM'd Stop The Stress Cycle And All Of The Damage?

The ingredients in the Neu-BeCALM'd capsule gives the manufacturing cells an over abundance of the nutrients they need, to produce the necessary amounts of the Neurotransmitters the brain needs. The Stress cycle never starts, which means the high energy chemicals are not pumped into the body to do damage.

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Plus, the organs in our bodies are not damaged and do not become diseased because energy producing chemicals are not constantly being shunted away from them to the muscles.

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