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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.

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 beCALM'd is 
 100% All Natural

 It is Amino Acids  
 and Vitamins in 
 a Special Formula! 

Concentration and 
 Mental Focus.  
 Helps you to Sleep  
 Better! And more!

 No Drugs
No Chemicals!

Neu-Relieve & Neu-BeCalm'd
A Power Combination!

Neu-BeCalm'd And Neu-Relieve Actually Stop
The Break Down Of The Enkephalin Molecule!

The primary purposes of the Neu-Relieve/Neu-BeCam'd combination is during the process of tapering from excessive or prolonged use of prescription pain pills (opiates like codeine, oxycodoine) and its many derivatives (eg OxyContine, Vicodin, Demerol, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, etc.) or during withdrawal from the use of opiate drugs such as heroin or methadone.

The primary neurotransmitter system that is affected by these opiate derivative drugs is one known as methionine enkephalin (or met-enkephalin). This system consists of a chain of amino acids that combine to aid the brain in interpreting pain, providing internal calm and a positive self-concept.

When this met-enkephalin system is at adequate levels, we feel "complete' and are more able to suppress physical as well as emotional pain.

When this transmitter is in short supply, everything "hurts" - physically, mentally and emotionally. We feel extremely inadequate, insecure and often fearful. Every move elicits pain!

This natural, neuropeptide system is a short chain of amino acids: 1 molecule of L-tyrosine, 2 molecules of L-glycine, 1 molecule of L-phenylalanine and 1 molecule of methionine.

When we combine Neu-Becalm'd with Neu-Relieve, we are providing the amino acids that make up this med-enkephalin system. From Neu-Relieve we get L-tyrosine and L=glycine. From Neu-BeCalm'd we get L-phenylalanine, which also produces L-tyrosine.

In most American diets, methionine is in adequate supply.

These two natural supplements also contain the vitamin and mineral enzymes that are needed to assure adequate absorption.

In addition, the presence of D-phenylalanine in both the Neu-BeCalm'd and Neu-Relieve actually stops the break down of the enkephalin molecule.

By keeping the enkephalin molecule active longer, the body is able to benefit from the pain relieving neurotransmitter for a longer period of time.

When this is combined with the increased levels of amino acids, this Neu-BeCalm'd/Neu-Relieve Combo will help increase the overall levels of the met-enkephalin system that have been effected by the opitae drugs.

This gives the body and brain much needed support during the tapering process.

Recommended Dosages: 6 Capsules Daily . . .

  • Two Neu-Becalm'd and One Neu-Relieve in the morning . . .

  • Two Neu-Relieve and One Neu-BeCalm'd in the afternoon about 30 minutes before your evening meal.

This combination will help begin the repair and rebuilding of the natural neurotransmitters that have been depleted by the use of the opiate drugs and also by ongoing stress.

As you taper, be sure to put 2-3 hours between any natural products and a prescription medication.

These two supplements synertgistically combine for added support to augment the process of regaining good health.

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Balanced Nutrition To Support
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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.
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